ECHO Microwave Co., Ltd.


ECHO Microwave has developed a new filter by using substrate integrated waveguide which can be synthesized on a planar substrate and usually called SIW Filters. This filter generates via-holes on PC Board to make the waveguide and it makes easy to connect with other circuits. This concept is attractive for filter design, because it is helpful to reduce the size compared to existing filters such as ceramic and lumped filters. It is possible to make the SIW filter from 8GHz to 40GHz, but the SIW filter has a strong advantage for high frequency bands.

We use the materials for the SIW Filter that has small values of Dissipation Factor which has 0.0009 value at 10G. So, it has high-Q factor and very low insertion loss. In case of ceramic and LC filters, it is not easy to apply the frequency ranges over 10GHz,but the SIW filter is available up to 40GHz and it is possible to generate the broad bandwidth. We can offer the surface-mount and connectorized designs in a small size and at low cost compared to cavity or waveguide filters.

The size is very smaller than cavity products, but it has high performance and it can endure high power up to 50W.


  • Frequency range from 8GHz to 40GHz
  • Surface Mount and Connectorized Design available
  • Very Low Insertion Loss
  • Excellent Temperature Stability
  • Small Size and Cost Effective Solution
  • Power Handling up to 50W
Part Number
Frequency (MHz)
I.L in BW (dB. max.)
R.L in BW (dB. min.)
Rejection (dB. min.)
Imp (ohms)
Size (mm)
EWA8800P2000B30 7800~9800 1 10 45 @ 3125MHz
40 @ 3925MHz
30 @ 13175MHz
30 @ 14675MHz
50 SMD 34x20x4.5
EWA10250P1000B35 9750~10750 1 10 45 @ 4875MHz
45 @ 5375MHz
35 @ 14625MHz
35 @16125MHz
50 SMD 33x16x4.5
EWA27000P6000D60AK 24000~30000 2 0.5 60 @ DC~19GHz
60 @ 35GHz
50 2.4mm(F) 110x24x13
EWA27000P6000DB60AK 24000~30000 2 0.5 60 @ DC~20GHz
60 @ 34GHz
50 2.4mm(F) 110X24X13
EWA28000P2000E20K 27000~29000 2.5 10 20 @ 26500MHz
20 @ 32000MHz
50 2.92mm(F) 35x20x10
EWA40500P7000D60AU 37000~44000 2 0.5 60 @ DC~33GHz
60 @ 48GHz
50 2.4mm(F) 110X24X13