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Ceramic Waveguide Filters

ECHO Microwave provides ceramic waveguide filters and duplexers (Transverse Electric Mode) up to 18GHz. TE Mode filter has no electric field in the direction of propagation and there is only a magnetic field along the direction of propagation. This filter has the advantage for high frequency bands, but the difference from SIW filter is that it is suitable for a narrow bandwidth and it has a steep rejection more than SIW filters. We can offer the surface-mount and connectorized designs in a small size and at low cost compared to cavity or waveguide filters. ECHO Microwave's design and manufacturing processes are subject to rigorous quality assurance procedures, which differentiate our products from those of our competitors. All of our items come with a 2-year guarantee and are RoHS compliant.


    - Frequency range up to 18GHz
    - Surface Mount and Connectorized Design available
    - BPF / DPX
    - Excellent Temperature Stability
    - Small Size and Cost Effective solution
    - Power handling up to 20W


Part Number Frequency
I.L in BW
(dB, max)
R.L in BW
(dB, min)
Attenuation imp