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ECHO Microwave's LC Filters(Lumped Element) are available over the frequency range of 5MHz to 10GHz. These products offer small size and high performance. As per our other filter devices, our LC designs can be individually customized to meet specialized requirements and input/output connector configurations, in addition to standard packages.
Lumped element designs are best suited for applications where size and weight are critical. Our filter engineers are experts in Lumped Element design techniques and use a number of innovative methods to meet today’s demanding specifications.
In addition, we provide LC diplexers with High-Q value and we can design it with high power up to 200W.


  • - 5MHz to 10GHz Design available
    - Custom and Dielectric Resonator and Pin type Design available
    - Connectorized Type available
    - BPF, LPF, HPF, Band Rejection Filter, Duplexer, Diplexer and Multiplexer available
    - Excellent Temperature Stability (-40 ~+80 Degree)
    - Power Handling up to 200Watt
    - Commercial and Military Applications
    - Small Package and Cost Effective Solution


ELBA1100P300C40E (LC Filter)
ELEB98F161P22F23C50BQ (LC Duplexer)